3 Details to Make the Poster Stand Out


A poster is a medium of information transmission. Its core role is propaganda, and propaganda must first grasp the viewer’s eye to further penetrate the viewer’s heart. The successful poster should have a strong visual center, novel form; the picture must have a unique artistic design style and distinctive design features; the theme is clear and conspicuous, so that the people who see the poster can understand the poster design in a short period of time to convey the message.

In the past two days, I have re-examined and summarized the posters on the relevant blogs, then came up with the following simple poster strategies.

  1. Key information

Start by determining the key information you want to express.

Some posters are overloaded with information, from the name of the event, the date, the fare, the way to get the discounted product, the rules of the event, etc. Some people will think that the more information the poster contains, the better. In fact, too much information will confuse the point.

Therefore, in order to reduce confusion, you need to express your focus in a simple and clear way, considering the typesetting layout of the poster.

After sifting and deciding on the structure of the information, we move on to the next step that put the information into the poster according to the principle of hierarchy. There are three main levels of typesetting. Applying this layering to your image not only makes the picture look harmonious, but also cleverly conveys what you want to say.

  • Picture Material

How do you make your posters recognized at a glance when displayed with other posters? People’s attention is limited, and their eyes cannot be attracted to other designs.

Here are some of the little secrets that will help your poster stand out:

  • Background image

If your poster uses a colorful background image, it will make it shine. Using good pictures is the easiest and most direct way to attract more attention. It is better to choose a picture that magnifies your vision. Besides, you need to careful to avoid casing confusion with complementing the text message.

  • Clipart

Clipart is the most eye-catching, and it also gives a straight picture of what you want to express. When selecting a clipart, make sure it matches your poster tone. In fact, it is to keep the color of the poster level and balance. Our ultimate goal is to make your posters eye-catching but not dazzled.

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