The New Samsung Crypto Wallet for Galaxy S10

The global blockchain revolution hasn’t left aside Samsung, one of the biggest mobile phone manufacturers. Samsung has announced the new cryptocurrency wallet for smartphones. The rumors of Samsung developing the new blockchain wallet was out there for months, yet were confirmed only recently. The new wallet is available for Samsung Galaxy S10. There are several dApps supported by the Galaxy S10. The wallet can be downloaded from the Samsung Galaxy Store. In the future, the app may become supported on other Samsung devices.

The new wallet will make the Samsung smartphones even more universal in terms of use. Storage of value, payments, and smart contract support will give even more advanced user experience of Samsung smartphones. According to the Samsung mobile division, the app will also offer the cold wallet to store cryptocurrencies. The new cold wallet is designed for saving cryptocurrency, public keys and performing cryptocurrency transactions.

While The attention from the company like the Korean giant Samsung shows the importance of the blockchain industry and the change it brings, the blockchain still might be considered the undervalued technology with the great potential to make the world better. Now, the wallet is available for download in the US, Canada, and Korea. However, other countries may get an access to the wallet soon.

The Galaxy S10 smartphone has the support of decentralized apps or dApps. Four dApps are available for Galaxy S10 mobile phones. Galaxy S10 supports blockchain platform for the gaming industry called Enjin (ENJ), the digita platform Cosmo designed for the cosmetics and beauty industry, and other dApps. All dApps will be supported by the wallet. The decentralized nature of this blockchain apps will provide users with additional security.

What cryptocurrencies the wallet supports? Surprisingly, the top cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is not on the list. The Samsung crypto wallet supports Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies, also called ERC-20 tokens.

But why exactly ERC-20 was chosen as the best standard, suitable for mobile phones? There is no official information regarding that, but the reason might be the common opinion of ERC-20 tokens as of reliable, effective and adaptable cryptocurrency standard. You can find the reviews for the most promising ERC-20 cryptocurrencies on